Much of the software we develop can be found on our CalLat github page.

Lattice QCD Measurement Code

Our main lattice QCD measurement code is LAwrence LIvermore BErkeley (lalibe), which is built upon the USQCD Software stack, in particular, Chroma.

HPC Software

We develop software to improve the workflow and utilization of HPC compute jobs while reducing the human effort to manage the complex set of tasks on Leadership Class Computers such as Summit at OLCF. The software we develop includes:

  • mpi_jm: mpi_jm is the C++ successor to METAQ which is under active development and was a key component of our 2018 Gordon Bell Submission.

  • EspressoDB and LatteDB: EspressoDB is a database management software suite utilizing Django to provide an even user-friendlier interface to the Python database software. LatteDB is a lattice QCD specific implementation of EspressoDB that we are utilizing to manage our production runs on Summit and Lassen. You can read more in J.Open Source Softw. 5 (2020) no.46, 2007 [arXiv:1912.03580].

  • METAQ: A set of bash scripts developed by Evan Berkowitz to efficiently bundle and backfill tasks in a given supercomputing job. We regularly utilize METAQ to manage jobs of up to 1500 Summit nodes. You can read more from this arXiv:1702.06122 write up.

  • HPSS: A Python interface to HPSS to simplify storing and retrieving files with the HPSS Software.

LQCD Analysis Software

With each publication, we release our extrapolation analysis software and sometimes our correlation function analysis software. Our published projects include: